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TABU COLOR - SENSUS - Hair Tone on Tone

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SENSUS - Hair Tone on Tone

innovative direct staining

Researches on the technique and the use of colors and style in street life have created new expressions , new ways of understanding and to play with the colour: TABU COLOR is the range of colors that allows direct , in simplicity and security , to renew every day the customer, s image. It is a ready-to-use product that contains no alkalizing agents and that does not include the use of oxidizing solutions. These characteristics make it a product of utmost delicacy and seed on the hair.

The gel formulation allows you to optimize the amount of product used, guaranteeing excellent performance is minimizing excessive waste. The specific characteristics and the latest technological pigments allows exceptional penetration capacity and tightness of coloured pigments in hair structure , where they remain anchored to ensure an intense and long-lasting colour result. The various shades have an acidic ph value.

was born the new punk chic , capricious , idea of eclecticism be outside the box of punk , reinterpreted in a key customer lounge suits to take a more stylistic cue. The most extreme colours such as blue , green , have always been a limit of each technical , but with TABOO COLOR today is the solution.

The active principles and the special Alcohol Free formula give hydration , exceptional softness and shine.

shades: available in the following colours: Green YELLOW green ACID bottle , TURQUOISE , rose , VIOLET , CHERRY RED , orange , blue , and in MAGNET (pre-colouring) and CLEAR.

directions for use: TABOO COLOR is a product ready for use; pour the required amount in a bowl , wear disposable gloves , distribute evenly over the area you want to paint with the help of a brush and a wide-tooth comb.
With TABOO COLOR MAGNET vibrant color results and also uniforms on capillary structures particularly sensitized. This will produce brilliant results and long lasting.
CRAZY EXTREME Colorations:
Applied on hair bleached or decolorized (level 9/10) used pure achieves extremely brilliant reflections. Much clearer is the application much more vibrant will be the final colors.
With reflections on bleached or bleached blonde (level 9/10) is used in combination with the CLEAR , in 9 parts CLEAR dilution: 1 part of nuance choice (indicative proportion) , gets the delicate pastel shades and coloring is very suitable to create stylish, unique look.

packaging: bottles of 150 ml.