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DICOLOR - DIKSON - Hair Tone on Tone

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DIKSON - Hair Tone on Tone

direct staining in 9 different colors

The colors are designed to enhance direct and toning your natural hair or to maintain and revitalize your hair color between two colors. Make colored pigments to the hair without being involved oxidation mechanisms. Diminish gradually in a natural way with each washing. After about ten shampoo reflexes disappear without leaving any effect hair regrowth and return to their original color. Perfect to cover the first white hair by up to 30 % - 40%. Also ideal after having undergone chemical treatments such as straightening and permanent. Correct reflections reviving the color without overloading. The products of direct staining eliminate yellowing of gray or white hair. On bleached hair accentuate the tints. Ready for use, are a guarantee of practicality : do not require preliminary mixing. They do not contain ammonia or peroxide and why not lighten the natural base. The reflections of colored hair are intensified, brilliant color is maintained. The hair is respected, transparencies, the texture is silky, shiny tones are refined.

nuances : 9 different shades : LIGHT BLONDE, BLONDE, DARK BLONDE, BROWN, BROWN DEEP CHOCOLATE, MAHOGANY, COPPER RED, INTENSE RED. Choose the shade that best suits the color of the start of the customer, referring to the applicability table.
method of use : , suitable gloves, shake the bottle and remove the cap. After washing your hair, buffered with the help of a towel to remove excess water, apply DICOLOR directly from the bottle, DICOLOR distribute evenly along lengths and tips. Combing, use half the bottle for an average head of hair, use the entire bottle on long hair. Soak good hair product to ensure a good distribution. At the end of the exposure time just rinse thoroughly with water will not flow until clear. Do not make any shampoo. Shutter speeds : natural hair for 15 to 30 minutes depending on the intensity of the reflection and the level of coverage you want. On colored hair from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the intensity of the reflection you want. DICOLOR mask on white hair white hair by up to 30 % - 40%. Start the application where the percentage is higher of white hair and start on the rest of the hair.
box: bottle of 70 ml in box of 3 pcs.