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COLOR EFFECT - CHENICE - Hair Tone on Tone

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CHENICE - Hair Tone on Tone

tone on tone color without ammonia in long-term

tone on tone is the answer to every need : the natural hair to bring the customers to the color on the first gray hair to cover naturally. Results: vivid colors and bright. Hair silky and shiny with natural colors and brilliant. The absence of ammonia eliminates the risk of respiratory allergy and minimize skin sensitivity.
COLOR EFFECT is recommended to cover the first white hair with maximum uniformity of color, shine and softness. Reflections intense and brilliant long lasting. The product is enhanced with innovative carrier agents are able to maintain active color during preparation and to significantly increase the penetration of the dye molecules and the assets inside the hair fiber. The carrier agents stabilize the color into the hair enhancing the resistance to washing and increasing the brightness and intensity of staining.
COLOR EFFECT is the result of a perfect balance between the basic conditioning and high quality pigments that exhibit a high degree of purity. Formula enriched with highly cosmetic Yogurtene and honey to make all the nutrients needed to reassemble the hair shaft and make your hair strong, soft and beautiful. Honey also protects the sensitive skin while shutter speed and provides excellent hydration.
method of use : mix thoroughly in a non-metallic bowl or in a cocktail shaker respecting the mixing ratio of 1-2 (50 ml of tone -on-tone + 100 ml Active Solution). Apply to dry, unwashed hair.
Installation time 20-25 minutes Apply the after color Keep in Color
box: 60 ml tube.